Chester Road, Kelsall  CW6 0SB
Updated on 11/03/2019

Kelsall Community Centre

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Kelsall Community Centre

The Community Centre is located in Chester Road, Kelsall CW6 0SB opposite St Philips Parish Church. Its principal accommodation consists of a main hall (75 x 35 feet), a Committee Room (25 x 15 feet) and a kitchen.

Currently the centre is regularly used by various clubs and other organisations including Badminton & , Ballet & Dancing, Bridge, Craft work, Indoor Bowls, Karate, Table Tennis, Keep Fit, Mother & Toddlers group, Yoga and numerous other village social events. See below for the calendar of events happening at the Community Centre.

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Improvement Survey

In 2019, the Community Centre will have been officially open for 25 years. The current committee recognises that work needs to be done now to modernise facilities and to improve access for all, especially youngsters and those of us who are becoming less mobile as we grow older. Also remedial or replacement work is required to improve efficiency in running the centre, e.g. lighting and a few changes to upgrade the centre to current legal requirements.

The committee has a small fund built up over many years which currently supports general maintenance, however the committee will be seeking further funding opportunities to deliver the improvements we believe we need. First, however, we wanted to know your views on what you believe needs to be done, to help us prioritise and plan the work to deliver the improvements required.

Feedback from the results of the survey, where possible, including proposals for the work and timescales for further comment will be posted on this website in due course.

When the first edition of 'Kadras News' was published in March 1974, it included an article by John Edwards, who advocated 'a Community Centre to cater for the needs of the village.....' Twenty years later the Kelsall Community Centre was opened, in January 1994, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kelsall and its neighbourhood for meetings, lectures and other forms of recreation, and leisure time occupation. The story of how the Community Centre became a reality makes fascinating reading.

Kelsall Community Centre
Bookings: Beryl Snailham ( 01829 752165 / 0794 111 8192
Committee Chair: Vacancy
Joint Secretaries: Beatriz Roel ( 01829 751502 / 0777 635 0942
Rosie Booth ( 01829 751114 / 0797 481 0035
Treasurer: Roger Stringer ( 01829 751526
Maintenance: Mike Meaney ( 01829 751739 / 0748 209 9745
Member: Andrew Payne ( 01829 751502 / 07733 227279