Chester Road, Kelsall CW6 0SB
Updated on 29/08/2020

Kelsall Community Centre

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Kelsall Community Centre

The Kelsall Community Centre is located in Chester Road, Kelsall CW6 0SB, opposite St Philips Parish Church. Its principal accommodation consists of a main hall (75ft x 35ft), a Committee Room (25ft x 15ft) and a kitchen. See photographs below of the three main rooms in the building. A floor plan of the centre is available here: Floor Plan.

All bookings for the Centre must adhere to the 'Rules and Standard Conditions of Hire'. For a guide of how to use the facilities at the centre please see The User Guide.

It is managed by a dedicated Management Committee and used regularly by various clubs and organisations, including the Parish Council, Badminton, Table Tennis, Ballet & Dancing groups, Bridge, Craft work, Indoor Bowls, Karate, various fitness and wellbeing groups, Mother & Toddlers group and numerous other village social events. It is also bookable for private parties, hosts annual events such as the Beer Festival and Cheshire Folk Festival and charitable events. See below for the calendar of events at the Centre.


Kelsall Community CentreKelsall Community Centre Kelsall Community Centre


Catering for a multiplicity of users and user groups, mainly local, since 1994, the Centre is a much-appreciated focus of the community. Rentals are kept as low as possible while supporting maintenance of the building in good repair, but after 25 years of constant use, facilities do need to be modernised and in terms of safety, security and access, brought to modern-day standards. Having access to a small fund built up from rentals over the years plus occasional donations from some of the users and user groups has allowed the Committee to carry out much-needed maintenance, including to the floor, as well as to upgrade the main hall ceiling and lighting plus the kitchen fittings. However, much more needs to be done to ensure the Centre’s utility for many more years, and a wifi connection has recently been provided to underpin and support remote control and surveillance as well as to meet the needs of certain users.

Consequently, the Committee surveyed users and the local population for their views on development of the Centre and to prioritise future tasks and work. The Committee is also actively investigating the availability of various grant and funding mechanisms that are available nationally and locally, including through local philanthropists, and in order to succeed with some of these, matched funding will need to be provided through the small reserve fund that has been built up already.

For those interested in history, the Kelsall and District Rural Amenities Society (Kadras) was founded in 1969, and when the first edition of 'Kadras News' was published in March 1974, it included an article by John Edwards, who advocated 'a Community Centre to cater for the needs of the village.....' It was, however, another 20 years before the Kelsall Community Centre was opened in January 1994, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Kelsall and its neighbourhood for meetings, lectures and other forms of recreation, and leisure time occupation. The story of how the Community Centre became a reality makes fascinating reading - History of Kelsall's Community Centre.


Booking enquiries: Rosie Booth ( 01829 751114 / 0797 481 0035
Booking administration: Beatriz Roel ( 01829 751502 / 07776 350942
Committee Chair: Andrew Payne ( 01829 751502 / 07733 227279
Vice-Chair/Development: Terry Harrop ( 01829 752466
Secretary: Angela Harrop (angela.harrop@í 01829 752466
Treasurer: Roger Stringer ( 01829 751526
Maintenance: Mike Meaney ( 01829 751739 / 0748 209 9745
General administration: Jan Honeysett ( 01829 751955 / 07929 836726