Updated on 10/09/2021


Kelsall Wellbeing Hub Kelsall Wellbeing Hub

Many of the village residents will have seen construction work on the new development off the Village Green in Kelsall running down Chester Road and may be wondering what is happening? We are delighted to confirm that this is the site of the new Medical Centre and Community Funded Wellbeing Hub which, despite Covid delays, is expected to open March 2022

What is the Hub?

The Hub is a community funded centre to provide support, service and signposting to help people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Many people have to deal with issues in their lives which cause stress and unhappiness and these can lead to mental and physical illness. The Hub will be a place for them to go to get the support they need to help them get through their challenges.

The Hub will provide a welcoming space where people can just drop in for a coffee, meet other locals and have a chat. It will also host a wide range of support activities for people of all ages dealing with such things as adapting to life with a new baby, caring for sick or elderly relatives, bringing up children, feeling anxious, being bullied at school. We'll listen to what the doctors say is needed to help their patients and run our own consultation events to ask the whole community what they would like to see happening in the Hub.

The Hub will provide a unique facility which belongs to and will be run by local people to support the wellbeing of everybody in the area. Overtime, it will contribute to a supportive community in which people will feel comfortable asking for and giving support. A problem shared is a problem halved could be our motto.

What next...

Kelsall Wellbeing Hub


HAVE YOUR SAY and win a 50 Amazon voucher.

In case you haven’t heard, Kelsall’s new Wellbeing Hub will open in March 2022 to help local residents lead healthier, happier and longer lives.

This has only been made possible by the generosity of the local community which raised the funding for the building currently in construction adjacent to the new Medical Centre just off the village green.

Nearly three years ago, when assessing the feasibility of such a resource, you may have completed a questionnaire which provided a valuable insight into what you would like The Hub to be. Since then, however, many new people have joined our community and everyone’s lives have been impacted by the pandemic so we’d like to know your current priorities and views about wellbeing and what The Hub can do to help.

Your top priority from the previous survey was the provision of somewhere to ‘DROP IN FOR A CHAT’ so we’d like to invite you to do just that at;

Kelsall Community Centre - Friday 17 September - 2pm to 7pm

This will be the first opportunity to get a taste of what The Hub could feel and look like with demonstrations of the kind of activities it may offer such as yoga, seated exercise, gluten free cooking and a lot more. You’ll be welcomed with A FREE HOT DRINK AND SLICE OF CAKE over which you can tell us what you need from The Hub and how and when you would like to use it. There will also be opportunities to get involved by joining the growing band of volunteers that are making The Hub happen. Your views are very important to us so, as a thank you for your input, all attendees will be entered into A FREE DRAW TO WIN A 50 AMAZON VOUCHER. Please fill in your details below to be entered.

Of course, not everyone will be able to attend on the day but you can still tell us what you need from The Hub by going to our website: 2021 Have Your Say, emailing us at: contactus@kelsallwellbeinghub.co.uk or just jotting down your thoughts below and dropping them off in THE HUB BOX AT THE CO-OP BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER.

Click here to download the form to complete to be entered in the draw to win a 50 Amazon voucher.

Your details are for entry into the draw ONLY and will not be retained.

Posted 10th September 2021