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Shukokai World Cup Successes, Crete, 26/27 October 2007

On 26/27 October 2007, 14 members of the SSKU (Shito-Ryu Shukokai Karate Union) competed in the Shukokai World Cup in Crete. Of the 14, 5 (including Barry) train at Barry Williams' clubs at Kelsall & Weaverham. The competition followed 2 days of karate seminars and courses hosted by Sensei Yamada (9th Dan and Worldwide President of the SSKU) and Sensei Kamohara (8th Dan and Chief Instructor, Europe). Competition results for the 5 who train at Kelsall/Weaverham were as follows, in alphabetical order:

Becky Clark: Ladies' Team (Gold), Ladies under 55kg (Gold), Ladies' Open Weight (Bronze)
Richard Hunt: Men's Team (Gold)
Matthew Newton: Men's Team (Gold), Men's under 65kg (Silver), Men's Open Weight (Bronze)
Leanne Smith: Ladies' Team (Gold)
Barry Williams: Men's Team (Gold), Men's under 80kg (Gold), Men's Open Weight (Gold)

Congratulations to you all!

Here are a couple of photos:

Karate World Cup medal winners from Kelsall/Weaverham, Crete 2007.

The successful five from Kelsall/Weaverham Clubs, from left to right:
Richard Hunt, Barry Williams, Matthew Newton, Denis Casey, Leanne Smith, Becky Clark
(Denis is the Chief Instructor and Squad Coach, Great Britain)


GB Karate Squad at World Cup, Crete 2007

Full GB squad