Updated on 31/01/2021

Education in Kelsall

Click here for a map - S marks the position of Kelsall's Primary School.

Kelsall Primary School

Kelsall Primary School

Kelsall Primary School is proud to provide a high quality learning environment for all our children, one based on mutual respect and trust. We engage and inspire all learners through our creative approaches to the curriculum and our results speak for themselves. We build positive relationships between children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community believing that: Together Everyone Achieves More.

About 210 children attend the School and the School is organised into seven single age classes, with an open plan area facilitating the teaching of foundation stage (Reception and Year 1). Any child reaching the age of 5 years between 1 September and 31 August may attend on the first day of the Autumn Term of that school year. Children are accepted from within the Kelsall catchment area but are also welcomed from outlying districts.

The School values its links with the Nursery which is situated on the School site. Kelsall Nursery offers morning and afternoon sessions for children from the age of 2½ years, in a structured play environment. It also liaises closely with Kelsall school's reception class in the summer term to ensure that the children become used to the school environment and the teachers. The Pre-School building is also used by the Club who provide wraparound childcare.

Kelsall Primary School has gained a number of awards including Investors in People, Artsmark Gold, Bronze Eco and Healthy Schools. The School is working towards the Inclusion Quality and the Sports Marks.

To find out more please visit the Kelsall Primary School's excellent website at www.kelsall.cheshire.sch.uk.