Updated on 2/7/13

Kelsall Community Library & Resource Centre
(temporarily closed)

Your local Resource Centre for Delamere, Kelsall, Utkinton & Willington

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David Wearing, Head of Kelsall Primary School reports on the temporary closure of Kelsall Community Library: "We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have supported the library over the years and to all those who have used it. Visitors to the library have diminished significantly over the past few years and this formed a key part of our thinking around the temporary suspension of the facility.

In the last round of funding for build projects, we narrowly missed out on securing funds to develop a new community room to incorporate the library, freeing up space for administration and offices. We will apply again in the next round - the community room along with library provision is a part of our long term plan.

In the meantime, elements of the library will be retained within school, albeit in different areas. The popular Story Sacks will be relocated to the infant library along with the non-fiction collection - these will remain available to loan to parents of Kelsall Primary children and Kelsall Pre-School. The local history cabinet will be moved along with parenting reference materials to a different area of the school and there will be a timetable established to allow community access to these valuable resources. The adult fiction will be stored within school (some large print will be offered to Sable Cottage or any other organization who would make use of them) to be reinstated once a new community room is established. Children's fiction will come in to the main school library."

Kelsall Community Library and Resource Centre, Flat Lane, Kelsall, Cheshire. 01829-751343
(within the Kelsall Community Primary School building)

CWaC's mobile libraries make fortnightly visits to Kelsall.
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