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Archived News Items (2012)

Additional police officer allocated to Kelsall area! PC Graeme Morrison has been appointed as an additional officer for this area. Graeme will be working alongside PC Steve Trow in a crime investigation and neighbourhood support role. He has spent considerable time as a training officer for student constables and is looking forward to meeting you.

Posted 17th December 2012

Local residents receive persuasive phishing email: Purportedly coming from PayPal, with their logo and layout, this phishing email says PayPal has, following your instructions, sent £39 to Skype, and gives you a link to their "Resolution Centre" if you want to dispute the payment. If you click the link to get a refund, you'll be asked to enter your email address and Paypal password, which could seriously damage your wealth! This isn't a new scam, but it appears to be doing the rounds again. If you check the transaction ID number with the official PayPal site, you will discover that it isn't a valid number, and no payment has been made. If you receive such an email, please don't be persuaded to respond to it.

Posted 6th December 2012

Parish Council's response to 'Preferred Policy Directions' document is now on CWaC's website

CWaC intends to post all responses to its 'Local Plan Preferred Policy Directions' consultation document onto its website, but there has been a delay of a few weeks between submitting a response and seeing it appear on the web. There are two ways to access Kelsall Parish Council's response, which was posted on CWaC's website today (3rd December). Click here for the 'Preferred Policy Directions' page, click 'Who Said What?', check 'Comments', click 'Search', check 'Consultees who have commented on it', click 'List', then click the letter 'R'. Kelsall's response appears against the name of Kelsall's parish clerk, Natalie Read. Alternatively, rather than clicking 'List', put 'Kelsall' in the search box and click 'Search'. If you want to see the comments of other councils or organisations it's best to search on the organisation's name rather than use the alphabetical listing.

Posted 3rd December 2012

Unlicensed clothing collections still confusing Kelsall residents

All charitable clothing collections need a licence, either through inclusion in the Cabinet Office's Exemption List, or from CWaC. Commercial clothing collections seem to be unregulated, but what's the point in lining the pockets of a commercial company when there are plenty of genuine charity shops that would welcome your discarded clothing. CharityBags estimates that "Taking your unwanted clothes etc to a charity shop raises around 50 times more money for charity compared with giving your clothes to a typical house-to-house 'charity' collector"! At present there are only 6 valid CWaC licences, namely for Clothes Aid (collecting on behalf of Zoe's Place), East London Textiles (ELT, collecting on behalf of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research), North West Air Ambulance, Treating Children with Cancer, UK Recycling Assistance (collecting on behalf of Children's Trust), and Woodlands Cancer Care.

If in doubt, please contact CWaC's Licensing Team (01244-977962).

Posted 1 December 2012
A new Bronze D of E group is about to start: Around 40 young people have already benefitted from involvement with Kelsall's Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. A meeting will be held in the St Philips Church Lounge at 6:30pm on Friday 7th December to start a new Bronze group. The group will be open to youngsters who will be 14 years old by June next year, although some flexibility is possible. Teams of between 4 and 7 will be drawn up, ideally 2 groups of 7, but could be 3 groups of 5. The maximum number of new recruits is 16, the capacity of the minibus! Those interested should send names + contact details to (01829-759179).
Revised 27th November 2012

How to spot and report Ash Dieback: Would you know how to spot and report Ash Dieback (Chalara fraxinea)? The Forestry Commission's website has up to date information on the disease, including this pictorial guide to recognising the main symptoms.

Posted 26th November 2012
Working Party planting wild cherry trees on Kelsall Green, 10th November 2012.

bigger image >>

Working Party planting wild cherry trees on Kelsall Green, 10th November 2012.
Six new wild cherry trees on Kelsall Green.

 <<bigger image

Six new wild cherry trees on Kelsall Green.

Wild Cherry trees planted on Kelsall Green

On 10th November Kelsall Gardening Club planted 6 Wild Cherry trees [prunus avium] along the path through Kelsall Green to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, each tree representing 10 years of her reign. The Women's Institute also planted a total of 1,000 crocus bulbs, arranged around the trees. Both the trees and crocuses will produce blossom in early spring (March/April), and will provide food for early awakening bumble bees when flowers are few and far between. The fruit (a little on the sour side for humans!) is appreciated by birds, particularly thrushes. As they mature the trees will be pruned to form an avenue.

Posted 22nd November 2012

Rural Community Services is a 'Highly Commended' charitable organisation!

Congratulations to Rural Community Services (RCS), a relatively new charity that runs OPAL (Older People at Leisure) Clubs in Kelsall, Tarporley, Tattenhall, Malpas and Helsby, for being awarded a Highly Commended certificate at the 2012 Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards Event on 15th November. RCS was in a group of 5 finalists in the category 'Charity or Social Enterprise making Best Social Contribution', and was invited to apply again next year. RCS is presently trying to obtain £9,000 to fund 3 apprenticeships, two in Malpas and one in Kelsall, that would provide young people with the opportunity to work in RCS's day service and related private sector settings.

RCS is also starting a new service, called 'Breaktime', that is intended to provide respite and support to carers of older people in the rural areas it covers. Jean Toyn (07984-299140), RCS's newly appointed paid organiser, would love to hear from volunteers who might be able to help with this service.

Kelsall Opal Club is looking for more volunteer drivers to drive local members to Kelsall Methodist Hall on Monday mornings and return them to their homes in the afternoon. Please contact Zoe (07562-619275) if you think you might be able to help.

Posted 20th November 2012

Parish Council responds to 'Local Plan Preferred Policy Directions' consultation document

CWaC's 140-page 'Local Plan Preferred Policy Directions' consultation document comprises 24 Preferred Policy Directions (PD01 - PD24), of which the first 6 (PD01 - PD06) relate to spatial strategy and the remainder relate to economic, social and environmental objectives. Kelsall Parish Council's impressively comprehensive 27-page response agrees with the need for sustainable development, but disagrees with most of the other Spatial Strategy Policy Directions, making the point that "many Policies are unsound, potentially illegal and not market focussed ". If you don't have the time to read the complete response, please try to read what Kelsall Parish Council has to say about Policy Direction PD04 Rural Area, in which, amidst a plethora of inaccuracies and opaque methodology, Kelsall is identified as a Key Service Centre (KSC) that warrants the construction of 300 houses over the next 20 years.

Another key document you may care to digest is the The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010 - 2011, which lists sites for a potential 500+ houses in Kelsall (shown blue on this map). Kelsall Parish Council estimates that, of these sites, only "77 properties could be delivered, although many of these would actually be against the NPPF."

Updated 18th November 2012

Steve Trow still targeting indiscriminate parking! Click here to see PC Steve Trow's latest newsletter. Steve notes that "Lazy people continue to park on the double yellows outside Kelsall Co-op, the Hair Salon and the Greedy Pig. I am sure a £30 fixed penalty ticket is not on your Christmas list ....". You have been warned! Steve's next drop-in surgery in the village is at 2:00pm in Community Centre on Wednesday 28th November.

Posted 14th November 2012

Kelsall Scottish Country Dancing Group's AGM: Rosie Humphreys, Ian Dingwall and Val Armstrong were elected as officers at the recent AGM. The group has had a successful season, including a Burns Night dance with music by the well known George Meikle from Dumfries. The group meets on Wednesdays 8pm-10pm in the Community Centre and organises a mix of simple and more advanced dances - you'll be able to join in, even on your first session. For more information ring Val Armstrong (01829-751867) or click here.

Posted 2nd November 2012

Community Forum reinforces potential implications for Kelsall of CWaC's proposed Local Plan

The recent Community Forum on Wednesday 31st October gave Kelsall residents the opportunity to revisit some of the possible implications of CWaC's proposed Local Plan. The following documents seem to be particularly relevant for Kelsall:

• The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2010 - 2011 (SHLAA) assesses land availability in the Borough by identifying buildings or areas of land that have development potential for housing. The assessment lists sites for a potential 500+ houses in Kelsall (listed under Gowy Ward), although it should be stressed that inclusion on this list does not imply that the council would necessarily grant planning permission. These sites are shown blue on this map.

• These assessment criteria have been used to identify Kelsall as one of 9 key service centres in the borough. This document concludes that "Some 300 dwellings are considered a reasonable level of growth over the Plan period" (20 years), and, somewhat bizarrely, that "No education capacity issues have been identified.".

Updated 2nd November 2012

Weekly wildlife walks now on Saturday mornings: Alex Staniforth's wildlife walks have switched to Saturday mornings at 10am, meeting at The Yeld car park and heading into Delamere Forest or Primrose Hill Wood. The aim of the walks is to enjoy, spot and learn about local wildlife and how to photograph them in an informal and friendly manner. Walkers should bring a camera and dark/camouflaged clothing. Dogs should be left at home! Please email Alex for more information.

Updated 28th October 2012

Volunteers needed to help monitor and maintain Kelsall Green

Kelsall Green is owned by Kelsall Village and is monitored and maintained by a few gallant volunteers, primarily by members of Kelsall Parish Council and by Natalie Read, the Parish Clerk. Natalie would love to hear from prospective volunteers who might be able to help occasionally with these important functions. Users of the facilities, for example, are likely to be the first to spot a problem, and could alert Natalie about the problem and help with its resolution. Helpers will shortly be needed to apply wood preservative to the play equipment, and there are many other occasional maintenance jobs. Please if you can help. She is looking forward to being deluged by offers from users of the Green, whether dog walkers or parents of the children who use the Toddlers Playground, and from other willing residents!
Posted 16th October 2012
New 'Gold Award' beer at Kelsall Beer Festival, brewed in celebration of Kelsall Youth Club's first ever D of E Gold Award

bigger image >

New 'Gold Award' beer at Kelsall Beer Festival, brewed in celebration of Kelsall Youth Club's first ever D of E Gold Award

New 'Gold Award' beer celebrates D of E achievement!

This year's Kelsall Beer Festival featured a new beer, 'Gold Award', in celebration of Kelsall Youth Club's first ever Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award which was achieved recently by Katherine Ratcliffe, an enthusiastic and hugely motivated member of the club. We wholeheartedly congratulate Kat on her fantastic achievement.

Updated 14th October 2012

Community Pride Successes for Kelsall!

Presentation of 'Best Community Website' award to John Hammond by Parish Chairman Terry Harrop. Click for bigger image.

The Community Pride Competition, formerly known as the Best Kept Village Competition, is co-ordinated by Cheshire Community Action. This year's awards ceremony was held in Middlewich Civic Hall on 4th October, and was attended by Noel Dutton, Parish Councillor, on behalf of the village. Noel is very pleased to report that Kelsall collected two awards for the fourth year running, one for the 'Best Community Website', and the other for 2nd place (to Tarporley) in the 'Best Kept Village' competition (2500-5000 population). Congratulations to our webmaster John Hammond, and to all those who contributed to these two awards.

Click here to see Kelsall's 9 awards over the last 5 years.

Updated 10 October 2012

Time is running out - please register your demand for Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband is unlikely to reach much of rural Cheshire before 2015. Connecting Cheshire is actively lobbying on behalf of residents and businesses within Cheshire to meet or better this timing. Areas that highlight the greatest demand will be considered priority areas for early rollout for improved broadband services, so please register your demand for Superfast Broadband in Kelsall. There's much more information on the Connected Cheshire website.

Updated 9th October 2012

Holmes Pharmacy under new ownership: Anthony Holmes, having run Holmes Pharmacy for 20 years, has sold the business to Mr Kenny Ng, an independent pharmacist, with effect from 29th September. Anthony would like to thank all the loyal customers who have supported his business and made working in Kelsall such a happy and rewarding experience for him. We wish Anthony all the best in the future, and look forward to welcoming Mr Ng to the village.

Posted 1st October 2012

Tarvin Educational Trust seeks applicants for awards: The purpose of Tarvin Educational Trust is to assist the educational needs of students of secondary school age and older who live in the Ancient Parish of Tarvin, which includes Kelsall. This assistance may take the form of financial assistance for tuition fees, books, musical instruments, and travel on approved courses. Applications should be made no later than 26th November 2012 to the Clerk to the Governors, Mr DH Cotgreave, Brown Heath Farm, Tarvin, Chester CH3 8NE (01829-740231).

Posted 30th September 2012

Kelsall Parish Council's response to Bloor's planning application

The consultation period for Bloor's planning application to build 34 houses and demolish 2 existing houses on Hallows Drive has now expired. Public comments, all of which are negative, can be found on CWaC's website. Kelsall Parish Council's comprehensive list of 15 well-argued objections is well worth reading. Many references are made to Bloor's proposed development being inconsistent with the Kelsall Parish Landscape and Design Statement (July 2007), a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that is a "comprehensive and totally up-to-date document that clearly expresses the needs of the Parish". This SPD contains a Sustainability Appraisal that clearly defines what 'sustainable development' means for Kelsall. Kelsall Parish Council believes that this appraisal should be "considered over and above the considerations of the NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework)".

Posted 21st September 2012

Update on Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan

More information on Kelsall's Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will be posted here shortly. In the meantime you may wish to have a look at and comment on CWaC's 140-page 'Local Plan Preferred Policy Directions' document. You may find this summary more digestible! The contents of this document will feed into CWaC's new Local Plan, which will define the development strategy for the borough, and, by implication, for Kelsall over the next 20 years.

Posted 15th September 2012

Community Governance Review: Kelsall residents should have all received a short questionnaire from CWaC asking for their views about the activities and performance of Kelsall Parish Council. This questionnare forms part of a Community Governance Review of Kelsall, Delamere, Oakmere, Utkinton and Willington parishes, the objective being to ensure that community governance continues to be effective and convenient. Click here for more information about the review, here for a map of the the five parishes, and here for useful information about Kelsall Parish Council, including a list of the services it provides. Click here if you wish to complete the questionnaire online.

Posted 12th September 2012

Planning application by Bloor Homes: Earlier this year Bloor Homes presented draft proposals to build 36 houses off Hallows Drive. Residents who attended Kelsall Parish Council's meeting on 14th May were unanimously opposed to the proposed housing estate. Bloor's proposal has now been revised slightly and planning application 12/03551/FUL has been submitted to build 34 houses and demolish 2 existing houses on Hallows Drive. Full details can be found here. Comments and objections can be made online or sent to: Planning Service, Cheshire West & Chester Council, Wyvern House, The Drumber, Winsford, CW7 1AH.

Updated 12th September 2012

Habitats and Hillforts Project is coming to an end: The Habitats and Hillforts Landscape Partnership Scheme will shortly close, bringing an end to four years of activity up and down Cheshire's sandstone ridge. In order to safeguard the legacy of the project, a new trust, the Sandstone Ridge Trust, will help to protect and enhance the wildlife habitats and historic heritage on and around Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge, stretching from Frodsham and Helsby in the north to Bickerton Village in the south. Trustees are keen to gather support for the project, attract a membership and create a mailing list. Please email them to join the mailing list, express your interest and have the opportunity to become a member. The Habitats and Hillforts website will shortly migrate to become the Sandstone Ridge Trust Website.

Posted 6th September 2012

First impressions of new Chester Theatre: Many Kelsall residents will be interested to see the first artists' impressions of Chester's £40.5m theatre and cultural venue. Click here to see the proposed frontage of the new theatre, and here to see a cross-section of the theatre and cultural venue (with information key).

Posted 2nd September 2012

Parish Council adopts CWaC's code of conduct: At its monthly meeting on 13th August Kelsall Parish Council decided to adopt CWaC's new Code of Conduct and Register of Interests.

Posted 25th August 2012

Kelsall residents have recently received HMRC phishing emails, possibly prompted by the imminent end-September self assessment deadline. It's worth bearing in mind that HMRC doesn't inform people of a tax rebate or demand via email, or invite people to complete an online form to receive or claim tax. These phishing emails are quite persuasive, but don't be fooled by offers that appear to be too good to be true. They probably are! Click here for a selection of common scams, and here for the OFT's Scambuster Guide.

Posted 22nd August 2012

Another planning application by Kelsall Co-op: Kelsall's Co-op has submitted a planning application to extend its opening hours on Sundays and bank holidays, namely from 08:00 to 22:00 to 07:00 to 22:00. To date only one resident has objected, on the grounds of "no perceived need" and the "associated noise and disturbance" on a Sunday morning. The lack of public response would appear to be due to CWaC's failure to inform neighbouring residents on Chester Road of the application. The consultation expiry date is 22nd August, so there's not much time left to object or comment!

Posted 19th August 2012

Kelsall's parking problems being addressed! Residents are well aware of the indiscrimate parking that takes place every day outside the Co-op and outside Kelsall Primary School during drop-off and pick-up times. PC Steve Trow's latest newsletter describes how these problems are being addressed. Steve reports that his £30 fixed penalty book has been working overtime recently - you have been warned! He also notes that the Highways team are intending to make improvements outside the school before the new term starts.

Posted 14th August 2012

Kelsall's Neighbourhod Development Plan needs you! The decision was taken at the 'Questionnaire Feedback Meeting' on 7th July for Kelsall Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NPD) to help guide developments in the village. The Parish Council would like to hear the opinions of those who weren't at the meeting, and how residents might be able to help. The NPD needs to be formulated by a diverse cross-section of the community, so please complete this short questionnaire if you think you may be able to contribute. Completed forms can be 'posted' in boxes at the Kelsall Co-op and Holmes Pharmacy.

Updated 14th August 2012

Kelsall Community Centre being refurbished: You may have noticed that Kelsall Community Centre has recently undergone several improvements. All the guttering, downspouts and light fittings have been renewed, including all the wall lights in the Main Room. The building was closed from 13th August for ten working days while the wooden floor in the Main Room was refurbished by sanding it down to the original wood and applying 3 coats of a polyurethane based sealer.

Updated end-August 2012

Update on Taylor Wimpey's Planning Application: Most of the documents, objections and stakeholder responses relating to Taylor Wimpey's outline planning application to build 90 houses behind Kelsall Primary School can be found on CWaC's website, including Kelsall Parish Council's comprehensive list of 19 well-argued objections. Taylor Wimpey reacted to these objections by sending this detailed response to CWaC on 13th June. Kelsall Parish Council reacted with this robust response. All these documents are fairly long, but they give a good overview of the issues involved. You might like to have a look at Kelsall Parish Council's "alternative community aspiration" for the site in question. It should be stressed that is no more than a pipedream at present, but there's no harm in dreaming!

Updated 1st August 2012

Night of jazz to celebrate the life of Arthur Pedder: Earlier this year we were saddened to learn that Arthur Pedder, Kelsall's celebrated trombonist, had passed away. The Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra organisedg a special night of jazz to celebrate his life on Friday 7th September in Liverpool, the proceeds being donated to the Hospice of the Good Shepherd where Arthur spent his final days.

Updated 9th September 2012

Alex attains his Mont Blanc dream!

Many congratulations to Alex Staniforth, Kelsall's wildlife enthusiast and Olympic torchbearer, who climbed Mont Blanc on 26th July and raised the impressive sum of £5700, to be split 50/50 between two charities, namely REACT and Cancer Research UK. Alex's next challenge will be a 800+ mile bike ride with 3 other torchbearers from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise money for Epilepsy Action.

We're not sure where Alex gets his energy from - it might be something to do with being a teenager!

Updated 31st July 2012

Food hygiene ratings available for local businesses: Food hygiene standards are available on the Food Standards Agency's websitefor all Kelsall's pubs, shops and other establishments where food can be eaten or bought. Most have a top '5' rating (very good), with a couple rated at '4' (good). You may wish to check the inspection date as some premises were last inspected well over a year ago. Wally Duttons Butchers, for example, was rated '5' on 17th November 2010, whereas Kelsall's Co-op was inspected a couple of weeks ago, and also rated '5', on 13th July.

Posted 29th July 2012

Don't forget Kelsall's Online Shop! The Youth Support Group, together with Kelsall Parish Council, are trying to raise about £8000 to finish off the MUGA on Kelsall Green. A relatively painless way for residents to contribute to this sum is to use Kelsall's Online Shop when shopping on the internet. Some retailers donate as much as 10% of the value of what's bought! Please shop this way if you can.

Posted 23rd July 2012

More scams: Several Kelsall residents have recently received scam emails from people they know who claim to have been robbed of all their possessions in a foreign country, and urgently need money to be transferred to their account to allow them to return home. Needless to say, it's a scam, but these emails are often sufficiently convincing to persuade a few recipients to transfer money. It's difficult to keep up with all the scams that are circulating - click here for a recent selection from the OFT, and here for the OFT's Scambuster Guide. This new 'Scams' website is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre and should be used to report any scam you come across.

Posted 23rd July 2012

Residents support Kelsall Parish Council's proposal to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan 

About 60 residents attended Kelsall Community Centre on Saturday 7th July to hear the results of the recent 'Village Questionnaire'. The meeting was structured round the following agenda items. Click on the links for more information.

Agenda and Welcome Results of Village Questionnaire
Changes in Planning and Localism Comments from Village Questionnaire
Landmarks in Kelsall's Development Kelsall's Future: What, Where and When?
Posted 13th July 2012

Community Policing Newsletter available: Click here to see PC Steve Trow's latest newsletter for Kelsall and neighbouring villages. Steve will be holding 'drop-in surgeries' in Kelsall Community Centre's car park at 2:00pm on 18th July and 1st, 8th and 15th August.

Posted 10th July 2012

Successful 100km MTB charity challenge: Kelsall resident Jack Wood and a group of colleagues from M&S Money Chester took part in a 100km MTB challenge on 6th July, and raised over £5000 for the Katie Piper Foundation. A big thank you for the support they received from Tracs Delamere, One Planet Adventure, family, friends, colleagues and many others. The ride started with 50km of trails at Coed Llandegla in pouring rain, then headed for Delamere to complete another 50km. They encoutered pinch flats, snapped gears, snapped chain, brake failures, ripped tyres and a lot of mud and rain. Luckily they all avoided A&E! Donations are still coming in and can be made through JustGiving. Click here for a photo of the muddy group of riders - Jack is wearing a blue top, 3rd from the right.

Posted 8th July 2012

Increase in the number of distraction burglaries: Cheshire Police reports an increase in the number of distraction burglaries throughout Cheshire where the offenders have said they are from the Water Board in order to gain access to houses, using stories such as 'the water is poisoned' or 'there has been an explosion nearby'. Please remember there is NO SUCH BODY AS THE WATER BOARD. Please be wary of any unusual or unexpected caller and don't be afraid to ask for identification. If you have any concerns please ring the police on 101 giving as much information as you can about the caller and his vehicle.

Posted 5th July 2012

Successful fundraising night at the Lord Binning: Many of you will already be aware of Alex Staniforth's plan to raise £4810 by climbing Mont Blanc later this month, the money raised being split 50/50 between two charities, namely REACT and Cancer Research UK. A hugely successful fundraising evening at the Lord Binning on 29th June raised a total of £3000, of which an impressive £1300 was raised by the charity auction. Alex's Mont Blanc total now stands at £5310, £500 above his original target! Alex's climb is scheduled to take place from 22nd to 27th July.

Updated 3rd July 2012

Everything you need to know about scams! This Scambuster Guide has been issued by the Office of Fair Trading to raise public awareness. Click here for a short overview. The new 'Scams' website www.actionfraud.police.uk is the UK's national fraud and internet crime reporting centre and should be used to report any scam you come across. Advice can also be obtained from the Citizens Advice Bureau (08454-040506).

Posted 9th June 2012

Rowland Homes planning application refused! Good news for Kelsall! Rowland Homes' planning application to build 20 houses off Willington Lane and Green Lane has been refused - a welcome outcome for all those who objected to this ill-considered proposal. It may not be the end of the story, of course, but it's good to know that battles can be won in our war against those who want to build housing estates in the green heart of Kelsall.

Click here to see the reasons for refusal.

Updated 9th June 2012

Exciting day for torchbearer Alex Staniforth!

Alex Staniforth, Kelsall's teenage wildlife enthusiast and runner, had a memorable day on Tuesday 29th May when he ran his leg of the Olympic Torch Relay. His route started in Handbridge, then crossed the Old Dee Bridge to the Groves and along the River Dee towards Souter's Lane. Alex found the experience "amazing, absolutely surreal, unforgettable, insane. Words will not quite do justice to the experience. Such an honour for which I'm very grateful. The support from the crowds was mind blowing". Well done Alex - not a bad experience to add to your CV!

Posted 7th June 2012

Highly successful Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition!

Kelsall's Duke of Edinburgh Gold Group at the top of Jacob's ladder, after a hail-storm on Kinder Scout. Click on image for more photos.

Four girls from Kelsall's Duke of Edinburgh Group (Leah, Katherine, Rebecca and Sarah) set off for Hayfield on April 10th for their "orientation" night in Derbyshire at the start of their Assessed Gold Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. Their objective was to hike about 12 miles each day for the next 4 days, carrying all their equipment, food and tents. Day 1 took them over Kinder Scout and down into Edale, experiencing snow, lightning and a torrential cloud burst! Day 2's route took them over hills and finished up at a camp-site above the River Ashop, again experiencing thunder and hailstones! Day 3 turned out much better weather and was a pleasant day's walking over to the Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs, camping overnight in the Hope valley. The 4th Day tested their navigational and map-reading skills as they crossed the somewhat boggy Moscar Moor before dropping down to the lovely reservoirs in Strines Dale and ending their expedition at Kirk Bridge.

Posted 6th June 2012

Taylor Wimpey – consultation period expired on 29th May 2012

Information on Taylor Wimpey's outline planning application to build 90 houses behind Kelsall Primary School can be found here. CWaC's website lists 38 objections to the application. Most of the objections relate to concerns about the impact this proposed development would have on the infrastructure of the village, including the inability of Kelsall Primary School to be expanded to accommodate the extra pupils arising from the proposed estate, disquiet that Flat Lane, already a 'no-go' area during school drop-off and pick-up times, would descend into chaos during most of the day, and the likelihood that the destruction of this green space in the heart of Kelsall would force the Folk Festival, an annual event that has been held in the village for more than 30 years, to withdraw from Kelsall.

Updated 31st May 2012

Rowland Homes planning application - consultation closed on 24 May

Rowland Homes resubmission of its planning application to build houses off Willington Lane and Green Lane is for a total of 20 houses (11 off Willington Lane and 9 off Green Lane). There are 94 documents relating to the application on CWaC's website, including 53 objections. This comprehensive list of objections from Kelsall Parish Council underlines the inappropriate, ill-considered and unsustainable nature of this application.

Updated 25th May 2012

New newsletter from Kelsall Medical Centre: The latest newsletter from Kelsall Medical Centre is now available. It can be downloaded here, from this website's Kelsall Medical Centre Page, and from the Kelsall Medical Centre website. A meeting of the Patient Participation Group (PPG) took place on 10th May - click here for the minutes of the meeting. The next PPG meeting will be on 4th July at 10:30am.

Posted 20th May 2012

Kelsall Parish Council has a new chairman: Congratulations to Terry Harrop who was unanimously elected chairman of Kelsall Parish Council at the parish meeting on 14th May. Richard Hancock retains the post of vice chairman. Noel Dutton, the previous chairman, is staying on as a member of the council. His wide experience of council matters will be invaluable during what promises to be a challenging period for Kelsall.

Posted 17th May 2012

Bloor Homes Public Consultation on 22nd May: Bloor Homes held an exhibition between 3:00pm and 8:00pm at Kelsall Social Club on Tuesday 22nd May to give Kelsall's residents the opportunity to view their draft proposal to build 36 new houses to the north of Hallows Drive. Click here for more information.

Updated 25th May 2012
Photoshoot on Kelsall Green, 11th May 2012

Photoshoot held on Kelsall Green: A photoshoot was held on Kelsall Green on Friday 11th March to support a Chester Chronicle article about the building applications and proposals that are threatening the green heart of Kelsall, namely Rowland Homes' 20 houses off Willington Lane and Green Lane, Taylor Wimpey's 90 houses behind Kelsall School, and Bloor Homes' 35 houses to the north of Hallows Drive. Much has already been writen about the inability of Kelsall's infrastructure to cope if all these 145 houses were to be built. The destruction of this green space in the heart of Kelsall would also force the Chester Folk Festival, an annual event that has been held in the village for more than 30 years, to withdraw from Kelsall.

Posted 11th May 2012

Gardening Club's Plant Sale raises £402: Kelsall Gardening Club's plant sale did exceptionally well this year, raising a total sum of £402. Many thanks to all who bought plants and helped on the day, and all those who provided such an excellent array of plants. The event was helped by sunny weather this year, and is appreciated by everyone as a source of good bargains. The club is particularly grateful to the managers and staff of The Lord Binning for letting it use part of their car park.

Posted 9th May 2012

More flooding of Willington Lane, Church Street, Flat Lane!

Many of the objections to Rowland Homes' application to build houses off Willington Lane and Green Lane refer to the likelihood that the severity and frequency of flooding in this part of Kelsall would increase as a direct result the proposed development. These photos, which were taken on 19/20 April 2012, underline the extent of the problem and reinforce the urgent need to deal with the drains, both foul and surface, before considering any further developments in this part of Kelsall.

Updated 9 May 2012
Torch bearers' billboard photo

More publicity for Alex!

2012 is turning out to be quite a year for Alex Staniforth, Kelsall's teenage wildlife enthusiast and runner. His next TV appearance will be a feature on BBC North West Tonight about his selection as an Olympic torchbearer and his plans to climb Mont Blanc and to cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End. Filming will be on 15th May - we don't know yet when it will be aired. We reported last month that Alex took part in a torchbearer photoshoot on 26th March in London. Alex is on the left of this photo, which is being displayed on billboards across the UK.

Posted 4th May 2012

New Photography Business in Kelsall: Nadia Fortune Photography specialises in portraits and wedding photography. Residents of Kelsall, Tarporley and Tarvin areas benefit from a 15% discount on wedding prices throughout 2012. More information here.

Posted 24 April 2012

Impact on Kelsall School of proposed housing estates: Kelsall's residents have been bemused by the predicted demand on Kelsall Primary School arising from Rowland Homes' and Taylor Wimpey's proposed housing estates in Kelsall. Both developers used the following equation in Supplementary Planning Document 3 (SPD3), a document inherited by CWaC from Vale Royal Council.

Number of houses x 0.026 x Number of year groups

This equation predicts that Rowland Homes' and Taylor Wimpey's proposed housing estates would generate a demand for 4 and 17 additional places respectively in Kelsall Primary School. The likely accuracy of these predictions can be gauged by comparing prediction with reality for Rookery Close, the most recent significant development in Kelsall. The equation predicts 2 primary school children for this 14-house development, a factor of about 6 lower than the number of primary school children who actually live in the Close. The increased demand on Kelsall Primary School would be about 110 if the proposed estates experience the same demand as Rookery Close. The school is presently full, and would be unable to absorb this number of children without a significant extension or rebuild. The equation in SPD3 is clearly flawed, but, in the absence of anything better, will continue to be used by CWaC. This problem needs to be addressed urgently.

Posted 23 April 2012

Taylor Wimpey's presentation to Parish Coucil: The Parish Council meeting on 16th April hosted a short presentatation by Taylor Wimpey on their proposal to build 90 houses on the land behind Kelsall Primary School. Comments by Kelsall Parish Council and by members of the public were generally negative, ranging from concerns over the inability of Kelsall Primary School to be expanded to accommodate the extra pupils arising from the proposed estate, to concerns that Flat Lane, already a 'no-go' area during school drop-off and pick-up times, would descend into chaos during most of the day. The slides presented during the presentation may be found here (1.92MB download).

Posted 20 April 2012

Habitats and Hillforts Photography Competition: Habitats and Hillforts are looking for striking, original and beautiful landscape photographs of Cheshire's Sandstone Ridge. Closing date is 31st August. More information here. Entry details here.

Posted 20 April 2012
New Youth Club in Kelsall: A new Youth Club, presently known as 'Yadults' (from Youth to Adult), started recently in Kelsall. The club meets fortnightly on Thursdays in the Methodist Hall and is aimed at 15-19 year olds. It is run by a committee of enthusiastic young people, who plan a programme of activities, including canoeing, abseiling, musical nights, weekend camps etc. Some adult helpers will be needed to assist with these activities - walking or camping skills would be useful, but all that really matters is an enthusiasm to help young people. Please contact (01829-759179) if you think you might be able to help.
Posted 15 April 2012

Kelsall's D of E Group needs more helpers

Kelsall's D of E Group has been highly successful over the last few years. This year 26 youngsters are working towards D of E awards (6 bronze, 16 silver and 4 gold), under the enthusiastic leadership of Pete Moore. More helpers are needed, however, either to assist with training and help with the expeditions, or to run expeditions as a leader (for which training would be available, eg Basic Expedition Leader Award). Please (01829-759179) if you think you might be able to help.
Posted 7 April 2012

Marian Bythell publishes another book! Marian Bythell, Kelsall's prolific author, has just published a children's illustrated poetry book 'Jamie Tales'. This book is a sequel to 'Jamie', and can be ordered through Amazon or Waterstones.

Posted 7 April 2012
Alex Staniforth being interviewed at the BBC studios on Thursday 15th March 2012. Click for bigger image.

Exciting day for Alex at BBC Studios! Alex Staniforth, Kelsall's teenage wildlife enthusiast and keen runner, was interviewed by the BBC's Roger Johnson on 15th March about his selection as one of the London 2012 Olympic torchbearers. You can see the interview on this BBC News School Report video clip (drag the slider to 1:12:00). Alex spent the whole day at the BBC Studios and was "awestruck" by the technology and building design. An exciting day for a sixteen year old! Alex was interviewed by BBC Radio Merseyside on 23rd March (drag the slider to 1:26:40), and was included in a torchbearer photoshoot on 26th March in London! Alex will be running his 'leg' of the torch relay on Tuesday 29th May.

Updated 6th April 2012

Good news for those living near Kelsall's Co-op

Kelsall's Co-op has confirmed that it is withdrawing its application to extend its opening hours, both for the shop and for the sale of alcohol, to 6:00am to 11:00pm, seven days a week. No reasons have been given, but we would like to think that the decision might have been influenced by all the objections that were sent to CWaC's Licensing Team.

Posted 22nd March 2012

Another housebuilder is eyeing the green heart of Kelsall: First it was Rowland Homes, then Bloor Homes, and now Taylor Wimpey want to build in Kelsall, specifically up to 90 new homes on the land behind Kelsall Primary School. Click here for a preliminary outline of their proposals, or have a look at the proposed development's dedicated website.

Posted 21st March 2012

Highly successful Grand Auction and Jumble Sale: The Kelsall Branch of the Clatterbridge Cancer Research Charity is pleased to report that it raised the wonderful sum of £1475 at the Grand Auction and Jumble Sale on 17th March, and would like to thank everyone who gave items and everyone who came to the event and supported this very worthy cause.

Posted 19th March 2012

'Some like it Hotter', a great success! The joint KADRAS/CRTA promotion of 'Some like it Hotter' on 10th March was a great success with all seats being sold. The audience were entranced with the performance of Sara Applewood as Marilyn Monroe very ably supported by Paul Matania as Tony Curtis, TJ Holmes as Jack Lemmon and Patrick Bridgman as Charlie. All the performers played an array of musical instruments, what talent! The scenery, lighting and sound were superb and gave exactly the right atmosphere. An inexpensive and excellent night out and for most people within easy walking distance. Thanks to all who supported this production especially those who travelled from further afield.

Posted 19th March 2012

Kelsall Medical Centre Newsletter: The latest newsletter from the Kelsall Medical Centre highlights the newly formed Patient Participation Group (PPG) and reminds patients of the various types of appointment that can be booked, including 'Out of Hours' appointments. Two meetings of the PPG have been held to date, on 8th December 2011 and on 13th January 2012. The next PPG meeting will be held on Friday 20th April at 10:30am. If you are interested in joining the group please download, complete and return this application form.

Posted 21st February 2012

Community Centre upgrade awarded £2500! We only received 49 votes to support our bid for the Natwest Community Force Initiative to help fund the Community Centre's heating upgrade, so we weren't really surprised that our bid was unsuccessful. We were, however, awarded £2500 by CWaC through a Members' Budget Grant. The Community Centre's Management Committee would like to thank Councillors Leather and Deynem for their helpful contributions.

Posted 15th February 2012

Rowland Homes planning application withdrawn: Rowland Homes planning application to build 21 houses on two sites in Kelsall was withdrawn on 13th February, presumably because they knew that the application would have been refused in its present form. 22 residents' objections, 89 signatories to a petition, and a comprehensive rejection by the Parish Council had underlined the village's concerns about the proposed development. The Highway Engineer's comments were particularly negative, stating that 'Given the nature and layout of Green Lane I do not consider that the proposal can be supported and that it will lead to a significant detriment to the lane and its users and also users of Willington Lane.' The residents seem to have won this battle, but will they win the war? It would be surprising if Rowland Homes, having licked its wounds, doesn't return with a revised proposal!

Posted 15th February 2012
Bloor Homes outline proposal for land off Hallows Drive, Kelsall. Click for bigger image.

Possible development by Bloor Homes in Kelsall

Representatives from Bloor Homes attended the Parish Council meeting on 13th February to inform the Council of their interest in developing a plot of land to the north of Hallows Drive. The proposed 2.76 acre site would be accessed from Hallows Drive, with pedestrian and cycle access at the north end of Church Street and, possibly, directly into Kelsall Green. Click on the adjacent thumbnail to get a bigger image of the location. The Parish Council believes that the infrastructure of the village would have to be significantly upgraded, eg school, drains, roads etc, before such a development, comprising 34-35 houses, could be implemented.

Posted 15th February 2012
Greedy Pig, Kelsall

'The Greedy Pig' - another new shop in Kelsall!

Another new shop opened in Kelsall on Thursday 16th February. The Greedy Pig, a new deli/sandwich bar, is located at the corner of Hollands Lane and Chester Road, on the opposite corner from the Co-op. Click here to read about the wide range of foods on offer, many being baked on the premises. Please help the proprietor, Raina Muggeridge, to make a success of her new venture.

Updated 16th February 2012

New Non-Emergency Number 101: The 101 non-emergency number went live on 23rd November 2011 and makes it easier for members of the public to contact police in a non-emergency, where an immediate police response is not required. '101'replaces the police force's previous non-emergency number 0845-458-0000. Calls to '101' will cost 15 pence for the entire call, no matter how long the call or what time of day it is. This applies to both land lines and mobile phones. More information here.

Posted 10th February 2012

Kelsall School's 'Outstanding' Ofsted Report: Many congratulations to Kelsall Community Primary School for being the first school in the NorthWest to receive the 'outstanding' judgement from Ofsted under the new 2012 framework. Click here to read the report. David Wearing, Deputy Head of the school, emphasises that it takes a whole TEAM, past and present, to achieve the 'outstanding' accolade, the acronym TEAM standing for 'Together, Everyone Achieves More'. This letter to parents highlights the excellent work of everyone associated with the school, including teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, governors, pupils and parents.

Posted 1st February 2012

Yet another email scam! Trading Standards reports that an email entitled 'Population Census: a message to everyone - act now' is being circulated, allegedly in the name of National Statistician, Jil Matheson. This email asks individuals to provide further personal information, supposedly for the Census and threatens fines for non-compliance. This email is a scam and a hoax. Please don't respond to this email and don't open any links within the email. The email should be deleted. Click here for more information on how to protect yourself from this type of threat.

Posted 1st February 2012
Illustrated Guide in memory of Kelsall men who served in the Great War 1914-18. Click for bigger image.

New Guide commemorates Kelsall Men who served in Great War

Kelsall men who gave their lives in the Great War (1914-18) are commemorated on the War Memorial on the Green opposite the Methodist Church and on memorial plaques in Kelsall Methodist Church, St Philip's Church and St Peters Church Delamere. In 2010 the members of the Kelsall Family History Group decided to research the names of the men on the Kelsall War Memorial and to publish their findings to raise money for the Royal British Legion and the 'Help for Heroes' campaign. The scope of their project was substantially extended by the discovery of the Kelsall Roll of Honour, which includes the names of all those who had served in the forces during the war. Using techniques that are used to research families, the Family History Group has produced an excellent illustrated Guide that commemorates 136 local men. The Guide can be purchased (£5.00) from Ruth (01829-751463), Lyn (01829-751659) and Anne (01829-751836).

Posted 24th January 2012
Alex Staniforth during Tatton Yule Yomp on 11th December 2011

bigger image >>

Alex Staniforth during Tatton Yule Yomp on 11th December 2011

Alex Staniforth to be Olympic torchbearer! Many congratulations to Alex Staniforth, Kelsall's teenage wildlife enthusiast, on his selection as one of the London 2012 Olympic torchbearers. Alex will be running his 'leg' on Tuesday 29th May, somewhere between Beaumaris and Chester. More details are expected in March. Alex started running in March 2011, and is now 'hooked' on the sport. He has taken part in a few races, the most recent being the Tatton Park 10km Yule Yomp, where he achieved a remarkable 11th position in a field of 873 runners! He has several local races lined up for 2012, including Helsby Running Club's Four Villages Half Marathon on 22nd January and the Chester Half Marathon on 13th May. We'll let you know how he does.

Updated 15th January 2012

Many objections to Rowland Homes Planning Application: CWaC's website lists 21 objections to Rowland Homes Planning Application to build 12 houses off Willington Lane and 9 affordable houses off Green Lane. Many issues are raised by those objecting, including concerns about the scale and character of the proposed development, traffic implications, the inability of Kelsall Primary School to absorb more children, and the capacity of existing drainage/sewerage systems. Kelsall Parish Council is also strongly opposed to the proposed development and has submitted this excellent synopsis of its objections.

The following petition rejecting the proposed development has been signed by 89 residents:

CWaC's website states that the 'Target Determination Date' for the application is 14th February 2012.

Updated 9 January 2012