Updated on 23/10/07

Kelsall Parish Landscape and Design Statement

As part of the continuing Parish Plan, and after nearly 3 years of work by residents, the Kelsall Parish Landscape and Design Statement was endorsed by Chester City Council at its meeting in July 2007, and is now included in the statutory planning framework. For the first time in its history, Kelsall has guidelines for residential development, which are both widely accepted by the community and have legal backing. This Supplementary Planning Document, as it is known, will help to ensure that any new developments both respect and enhance the character of Kelsall. In particular, it gives us more protection of the views of, and from the sandstone ridge. Many other aspects of living in Kelsall arose during the course of the study. Some of these have been incorporated in the document as appendices. While these do not form part of the statutory requirements, they will be used by Chester City Council (or its successor as our unitary planning authority) to inform future rural planning and policy development. Even in draft form, this work was very helpful in opposing further large-scale, and deeply unpopular, developments along Quarry Lane.

You can download the Landscape and Design Statement as as a single pdf file, but the file is 1.65MB and will take some time to download, particularly if you use a dial-up internet connection. Alternatively, you can download the document as smaller files by clicking on the sections or appendices you want to view in the following Contents List.

Complete document can be downloaded here as a pdf file (1.65MB).


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