Updated on 15/5/07

History of Kelsall Parish Council

Until 1894 the government of the country had many forms, evolving from the mediaeval Courts which the Lord of the Manor was obliged to hold and his tenants to attend, the business being largely connected with land management. The criminal side was undertaken by the Court Leet - usually in the person of the Lord of the Manor. These Courts declined with the increased influence and wealth of the church. The church was the original community centre as the only sheltered meeting place for villagers.

With the increasing population it became necessary to have smaller committees, which were called Select Vestries, which in more modern times became known as the Vestry Meeting at which churchwardens were appointed. Times changed and government by the church was no longer acceptable so Parliament set to work to find other ways of keeping the people in order!

The Local Government Act of 1894 took a year to pass as 800 amendments had to be considered and it was the proposal to set up Parish Councils which caused uproar. The 'gentry' did not like the idea of the 'butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker' being in a position to tell them what they should be doing!

The first meeting of the Kelsall Parish Council was held on the 1st January 1895, in those days it was apparently not a Bank Holiday! The Council celebrated it's centenary in January 1995 with a special weekend, which included an exhibition in the Community Centre with photographs of Kelsall past and present, old Minute books and papers, exhibits from the school and paintings by a local artist. There was a Civic Service at the Methodist Church attended by the Mayor of Chester with a reception afterwards. It was a splendid weekend, which was a real community occasion.

The present Council is not political and it's prime objective is to serve the community and make the village a better place to live. We have a lovely Village and the Council would like to help it stay that way and that is why a lot of time and thought goes into the consideration of planning applications and highway matters as both are vital to the well being of the area.

Parish Councils have now been in being for over 100 years and we look forward to them continuing into the future with perhaps more powers than they enjoy at present. Please use your Parish Council if you have a problem - we are there to help.

Mrs N Sutton - Parish Council Chairman, 2000